KK MASQUERADE _ POLYESTER (1 color 1 piece / 5 sheet set)


[One color 1 piece / sale in 5 sheets]

A summer mask of a polyester material with ceramic water-boosting, moisture permeability coating [isofixed super processing] appeared!

(Waterproof function) Preventing water to rain and water (suction / moisture deterioration function) A high degree of multistage complex performance with two special ceramic machining that emits two special ceramic machining, which releases steam after sweating out of clothes. It is a material realized.

The fabric surface does not penetrate the water to the inside of the fabric, and combines water repellent, waterproof performance and moisture that dissipates the moisture stagnated internally inside.

The rubber for ears is a weak repulsion type of 3 mm. Even if it is hanging on a long time, it is non-stocker with a code stopper for length adjustment.

It can be used repeatedly.


It is the second "KK Mascaeide" series created in the Creative Mask of Venice, Italy. It is woven with full-dal thread (the intention of the shiny mat) and is an elegant facial expression.

* Masks do not prevent virus infections (invasion).

[Cautions for washing]

* We recommend hand washing during washing.

* Avoid using tumbler dryer.


Set Color Color: Black, Navy, Beige, Light Gray, White

Body size / H10.5 W18 cm (size of flat condition)

Material / Table: 100% polyester

Production Country / Japan

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