CREATION JOURNEY _KK-252/ Micro Shoulder


A micro -shoulder has appeared from the ultra -lightweight series "CREATION JOURNEY", which sets it apart from the conventional Katsuyukikodama.

The body uses Toro Recortex's waterproof and moisture -breathable material "Brisatec" nylon. The fabric surface is an ultra -light nylon that combines water repellency, waterproof performance and moisture inside the dwell and moisture inside the dough while playing water and does not penetrate the dough. It is an elegant expression with a high density of a full dal yarn (matte thread).

The body-printed "2019-20 >>" With your Creation Journey "" = "With your creation trip" is a message from a designer.

Items that can be worn all the time even if you are traveling and everyday use have been completed.

It is recommended as a gift because it reaches in the attached mesh pouch.


Size/ (body) H16.5 W25.5 D13.5cm (attached pouch) H20 W28 cm

Material/ Nylon, cowhide

Country of origin/ Japan

Color: BLACK

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