CREATION JOURNEY / Back Pack_kk-250


This item is a light and durable rucksack

A dayback of the "CREATION JOURNEY" ultra -lightweight series using waterproof water -repellent nylon.

The bag itself is made of Toro Recotex's waterproof and moisture permeability "Brisatec".

The fabric surface combines water repellency, waterproof performance and moisture function to dissipate the moisture inside the dough while playing water and does not penetrate the water to the inside of the fabric.

It is a nice point that it is super lightweight because the high -performance fabric is sewn with one piece.Despite the nylon, it is an elegant look because the full dal yarn (matte yarn) is woven at high density.

"2019-20 >>>" With your CREATION JOURNEY "" printed on the bag itself = "Along your creation journey"Is a message from a designer so that you can enjoy the creation days.

Although it can store A4 size documents, it is an item that can be carried in the attached tulle pouch, travels, and everyday use.


Size: H47 W34 D12 cm

Material/ nylon, cowhide (zipper puller part)

Country of origin/ Japan

Weight/about 380g(Excludes the attached pouch)

Color: KHAKI

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