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A4 Size is a high-end model using Diamond Python in the Density Mania-Air series characterized by a minimal look that fits in just.

The body is a fine fine quality cowletter, and the front desk is a high-class diamond pyleather, and a luxury quality is a high quality quality.

A large open main house has a sleeve that can store PCs, tablets, documents, etc. up to 13 inches. Shoulder's material selects nylon material and has astotti on all leather.

It is attractive that it seems to be a backpack of all-leather, improving durability and improved durability and outstanding fitting.

Demonstration of the buckle part of the shoulder bag, the backpack, the body bag, and the high potential to respond widely from street mode to the business scene with light skuel silhouettes and 2 Way specifications that have dropped waste.

Compact design is an item that is an item that has a large amount of volume with an original taste that is fully fucked with our brand and the like, and a large detail such as a 10 size Zipper and metal parts.

Size / H 36 W 26 D 8.5 cm

Material / Snake Leather (Indonesia, Diamond Python), Cowhide Interior: Pig Leather, Nylon

Production Country / Japan

Weight / approximately 1150 g

Color: BLACK

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