Density Mania / #Air-Python_kk-241-P

¥60,500 ¥121,000

* THIS PRODUCTS DO NOT SHIP Internationally.

This is a high-end model using diamond python in the Density Mania-AIR series, which features a minimal look that fits with just A4 size.

The body has fine texture, high -quality cow leather, the front is a luxury diamond python, and the interior has a pig leather with a luxurious quality.

The main house that opens large is equipped with a sleeve that can store personal computers, tablets, and documents up to 13inch. The shoulder material is nylon material, and all leather is stored.

It is attractive that the lightness that is unlikely to be an all -leather backpack, the improvement of durability and the outstanding fitting that fits into the body.

By removing the buckle parts on the shoulder, you can enjoy two types of backpacks and body bags, and with a light square silhouette that has been cut off, and 2 -way specifications, you can demonstrate a wide range of high potentials that support a wide range of street mode to business scenes.

It is an attractive item with large details such as the original tea feeling that can be fully felt by the brand, and the No.10 size ZIPPER and metal parts.

Size/ H 36 W 26 D 8.5 cm

Material/ Snake leather (Indonesian, diamond python), cowhide interior: pig leather, nylon

Country of origin/ Japan

Weight/ about 1150 g

Color: BLACK

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