A new standard of Katsuyukikodama. Density Mania-AIR features that A4 size fits in just a minimal look.

The biggest feature is significantly reduced. It can be worn by on-off with lightness that does not seem to be an all-leather backpack. The body selects a fine-grained cow leather of the text, and the fitting is a finish with a sense of luxury using pig leather. Big Open Main Comparate Person and Tablet up to 13 inches,
There is also a sleeve that can store documents etc. A new casual down with a shoulder material in seamless nylon. It is attractive with lightness, durability improvement and body familiar with the body. The removal of the shoulder buckle parts can be enjoyed by the backpack, bodybag, and tote three ways. Demonstrate a high potential that deals widely from street mode to business scene with light-out and 3WAY specifications that have dropped waste. Compact design is an item that is an item that is a big deal such as an original tea volume that is fully fucked with our brandness, No. 10 size Zipper and metal parts.

Size / H 36 W 26 D 8.5 cm

Material / beef leather interior: pig leather, nylon

Production Country / Japan

Weight / about 1140 g

Color: BLACK

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