Anchor _ 4WAY HIP BAG / KK-235-C

¥32,340 ¥53,900

You can enjoy four ways to use backpack, shoulder, hip bag and handbags by removing buckle,90's Revival hip bag.

A light square silhouette that has dropped wasted, supports a wide coordination from Mode Street to Casual.

Compact designs are felt enough to make our brand ease, and it is an item that tail is attractive because of the details such as zipper and metal parts of No. 10 sized.

The front, main and back three-layer structure, with the back pocket each with each house. The back zipper pocket has a pocket that tablets can be stored, and the storage surface is also excellent.

The back is a three-layer core, reducing the backship, and prevents breaking of the bag.


Size / W 28 H21.5 D 12 cm

Material / exterior: cowhide furniture: nylon, PVC

Production Country / Japan

Weight / about 550 g

Color: BLACK

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