Elektr / KK-230-Hor_Cross Body Chest Bag-Horse Shrink

¥6,600 ¥39,600

All-leather model crossbody chest bag.

The body leather of the main unit is special processing, and it is generated by the wild expression that is created by the original three-third, and the wild expression is called a hose shrink that is called attractive hose shink.

For fasteners, an element that is polite and polished by adopting the Italian Lacquer's zipper will emerge electrochem. Fastener puller is a leather code and is not only the goodness of the grip, but also for design accents.

It is possible to store a compartment with zip or a compartment with zip on the back, and it can be used to be able to accommodate the wallet, smartphone, and key cases.

Focus on color development such as glossy black or edge-white white, modeless silver. Straps are short and new styling with breasts are bags of mastobai items that can be brought out with accessories while they are bags.

* The image of the image is sold out. It is a specification reference image.

Size / W 33 H 9 D 9.5 cm

Material / exterior: Horse leather interior: nylon

Production Country / Japan


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