Surge/mini clutch_kk-228-C

¥5,060 ¥25,300

Leather mini clutch bag using cowhide on the bag body.

Add accent to coordination with the style you hold through the loop of the front.

A feeling of size that can store minimum items such as wallets, mobile phones, and iPad mini. On the back is a slit pocket that can sprinkle a smartphone or pen.

It is an entry model where you can experience brand -like, such as No.10 size Zipper and original metal parts shining at the front. Neon colors and abundant colors that are casually arranged on the loop and puller are also attractive.

It is a highly potential item that works as a bag -in -bag, taking advantage of a compact design, as an in -flight bag.


Size/ H 18.5 W 28 D 2cm

Material/ exterior: Cowhide interior: Nylon, cowhide (name part)

Country of origin/ Japan

Color: BEIGE

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