* THIS PRODUCTS DO NOT SHIP Internationally.

A high -end model with a sense of luxury using diamond python leather for the body.

It is an item that can be used for gender -free with sharp cutting.

A 2 -way specification that can be used as a clutch bag or a shoulder bag by arranging the original metal parts on the front and bottom gusset. The drawback of a clutch bag that will inevitably get in the way when the luggage suddenly increases on the go is covered up by transforming a shoulder bag.

No.10 size zipper, back strap, back of pulling, and one point of this brand with a casual neon color on the card case.

It is a pocket with a zipper in the main component, and it is an item with a high potential that can store your wallet, smartphone, or a gusset to store glasses and pouches.

Size/ W 37 H 23 D 15cm Strap (including metal): 59cm

Materials/exterior: snake leather, cowhide interior: nylon, cowhide (name part)

Country of origin/ Japan

Weight/ about 680g

Color: BLACK

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