Bon SAC-S of this brand back icon model.

It is a feeling of size that is easy to styling for those who have a delicate body and women. A shoulder and body 2 -way type using soft and touchy leather on the body.

It is recommended for those who are unsatisfactory for those who are unsatisfactory, and the silhouette that fits the body line can be adjusted to a wide range of clothes. It is a nice point that it is lightweight despite being leather. Although it is a minimal design, it is an item that feels powerful in the details, such as making the top of the top in a heavy tailoring.


Size/ H38 W18 D16 cm

Material/ Exterior: Cowhide interior: Nylon, cowhide (pocket)

Country of origin_Japan

Weight/ about 630g (excluding the attached pouch)

Color: BLACK

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