KK-109-C_electric / Belt

¥4,400 ¥22,000

Katsuyukikodama's first GI belt using Maison branding ITALE RAMPONI studs.

Here is a strong impact item that is one point with one point with one point in the cowletter. A total length of 132 cm Long belt drips the end and is an accent of styling. The street mode is of course not only, and it is a wide range of rising Jakupan Looks.

The band is also pointing to stress-free with stretch material woven with high density. It is a dish that can feel the rubbed brand with a high-level material and given a GI buckle.

Size / W: 3.5 cm Total length 132 cm

Material / Cowhide Belt Body: Polypropylene (Stretching)

Production Country / Japan


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