¥11,000 ¥31,900

New genre items and neckwallets have appeared.

S, M, and M, and L, items are 1 set now items, respectively, as mini wallets and passcases, as well as smartphones, keys, and minimal items such as.

It is a wallet of accessories that you use from the neck in the necklace. Since it is a separate type, it can be used as a charm for backpack and Tote bag.

Even though it is a catchy item who holds the trend, fasteners use Swiss Riri Zip, and the furniture is a high-quality finish that has been furnished with Sweder. It is a plus one item that adds accents to styling with abundant color expansion.

Size / (L) W: 14 cm H: 19 cm (m) W: 12 cm H: 17 cm (s) W: 10.5 cm H: 14.5 cm

Material / Cowhide

Country of origin / Japan

Color: WHITE

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