Density Mania/ Pack-1-M All Crocodile_kk-080-M-CRC-A


* THIS PRODUCTS DO NOT SHIP Internationally.

M size of Pack-1, the icon model of this brand.

The luxurious use of the leather diamond and the famous crocodile leather throughout the body. The fusion of this brand's icon model and crocodile is the only presence.

The contrast with the No.10 size ZIPPER and the solid feeling of the shining metal fittings is exactly Density Mania. You can enjoy two ways to use backpacks and body bags by removing the buckle parts on the shoulder.

It consists of the three -layer structure of the front, main, and back, and each house has a back pocket. The back pocket is fully equipped with a sleeve that can store PCs and tablets up to 13inch, and demonstrates high potential.

A four -layer core is put on the back, reducing the backface, and preventing the shape of the bag. Sandwich has a rebellious core for the shoulder. The shoulder hit is comfortable and the specification is stable.


Size/H47 W32 D18 cm

Materials/ exterior: crocodile leather, cowhide interior: nylon, cowhide

Country of origin/ Japan

Weight/ about 2100 g

Color: BLACK

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