Apron for outdoor _keep Moving !!

It is an apron of nylon material that can be enjoyed as a fashion.

Pocket with pocket tissue and pen holder in the chest. There is a towel holder, a tool plus a tool, and an apron that enjoys camping and DIY, and outdoor time.

The main unit's nylon uses the Brandhate Burizech "Breathatec Bliss Tech" and is a casual and elegant facial expression.

Chest pocket and bracket part selected neon color PVC film. There is no doubt that Vivit color tape is also colored and shining.

2020 years nominated by the "3 honey" in the vogue grand prize. It has become a year when honey awargenous awareness has increased.

Designer who is not good at DIY "First from the look♪And I produced an apron that can be enjoyed as a fashion. How about looking for a hobby while enjoying♪


Size / Believe H85 W74 CM / West Strap 103 cm (one full length)

Heavy brackage height 18.5 / 22 cm (at the top / lower button position)

Material / Body: Nylon: Cowhide, PVC Film, Metal Tape: Polypropylene

* We recommend the hand wash during washing, but make sure that the laundry at the washing machine does not load.

* Remove the shoulder parts so that the cowhide parts do not get wet during washing.

* Please use a tumbler dryer without using a fluorescent detergent or bleach.

Production Country / Japan

color: BLACK

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