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 APron for Indoor _keep Moving !!

A stretch cotton apron that can be enjoyed as a fashion.

A pocket with a paper napkin and pen holder on the chest. There is a towel holder around the waist, and it is an apron where you can enjoy house cooking with a production like a professional cook.

We use stretchy cotton, which is often used in denim pants so that you can easily move.

A neon -colored PVC film is selected for the chest pocket and neck string. The tape shines neatly on the black body fabric with a vivitt color.

 STAY HOME was nominated for a buzzword award in 2020. I wonder if there are more time to spend at home, and more people have more opportunities to cook.

A designer with a hobby is "First of all, from the appearance♪I created an apron that can be enjoyed as a fashion. Raising your cooking skills is recommended while having fun♪


Size / body body H85 W74 cm / waist string 103 cm (one total length)

Neck string height 18.5 / 22 cm (button position above / lower)

Material/body: Stretch cotton attached: cowhide, PVC film, metal tape portion: polypropylene

* Hand washing is recommended when washing, but please do not apply a load when washing in the washing machine.

* When washing, remove the shoulder parts so that the cowhide parts do not get wet.

* Do not use fluorescent detergent or bleach, and avoid using tumbler dryers.

Country of origin/ Japan

colour: BLACK

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