Desirable Days Chest Body Bag / KK1080-S-CLR

¥11,880 ¥19,800


During the rainy season in Japan, a transparent body bag that is easy to use even in humid Asia.

It is an item that you want to enjoy all season when wearing a light dress in spring and summer and in winter.

I think some people think that they are men's? Ladies? This is an item that can be enjoyed with gender -free in size.


Japanese material of certain quality


Vinyl is a material that feels casual, but it is shaped so that it does not break down, and it looks elegant because the eco -leser with a matte expression is combined.

For vinyl materials with good transparency and good coloring, the Japanese Okamoto industry PVC film is adopted.

It is an item with a solid technical skills and a beautiful transparency of the material.

Product Specifications

Size: 37 × 17/17.5 × 17 cm (width x upper/lower maximum value x gusset)

・ The interior pocket is a size that can store a smartphone

・ Shoulder length: minimum 67-111 Longest cm (length including shoulder paddles, length including metal fittings)

・ Size of shoulder applies: Length 57cm width 7cm

・ Body material: PVC film, eco -leather (synthetic leather)

・ Shoulder tape material: Nylon

・ Country of origin: JAPAN

・ Weight: about 501 g


* The pouch in the bag in the image is sold separately

* The wearing image uses a product of another material

colour: WHITE

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