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Pack-6-2nd Generation-Model representing the II generation Pack-6

The body uses the king of exotic leather and a half of the skin and beautiful cowhide with a semi-titer.The only non-existence that is released from elegant texture is a luxury model that meets a sense of possession.

You can enjoy the backpack and body bag in two ways by desorption of the shoulder buckle parts. No. 10 Size Zipper, is an item that feels a highlight everywhere, such as the side of the side of the side.

The front, main and back three-tiered structure, and each house is complete. The back (back) pocket is equipped with a sleeve that can store up to 13 inches and has a high potential. The back is put in a four-layer core and reduces the backside, and prevents breakage of the bag. The shoulder uses a repulsive thick core and is a stable sense of stability that does not load on the shoulder.

Overall, it is a design that can be finished in solid design, mode, casual, suit style and a wide range of coordination.


Size / H47 W31 D18 CM

Material / exterior: cowhide, crocodile leather interior: nylon, cowhide

Production Country / Japan

Weight / about 1710 g

Color: BLACK

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