Creation Journey_Lather Tote / KK-254-C

¥29,700 ¥49,500

Ultra-light series "Creation Journey" The cowletter material appeared in the tote bag.

Garment leather used for clothes such as blouson, and is lightweight and smooth touch while leather model. The surface is thin and pigment finish, so it can be used without worrying if it is about a small rain.

The interior is divided into three rooms, and each room can store his A4 size documents.

It is a pleasure point to hide the contents of the bag with a guardian of the mouth.

 At the same time, the drawstring of nylon materials is attached, and the gym or futsalYou can store the shoes.

Body printed "2019-20," "" "with your creation journey" = "Both of your creation journey" is a message from the designer to enjoy the creational days.


Size / H36 W50 (upper), 29 (bottom) D 21 cm Handle height: 18 cm

               (Drawing drawstring) H 44 W 34 cm

Material / exterior: cowhide, nylon (bottom part) interior: nylon

Production Country / Japan

Weight / about 560 g (excluded drawstring is excluded)


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