Creation Journey_denim Mini Drum Boston/ KK-251-ONE


Because it is a mini bag that can be easily coordinated, I want to enjoy it with the texture and color.

Limited production denim model of the ultra -lightweight series "CREATION JOURNEY" mini -shoulder.

The light material of denim x nylon x cowhide uses a pink goal for the original buttons on the side and the metal zipper. When the zipper is opened, the interior is orange color. It is an item that can enjoy materials and colors.

 Because it is a small size, you can enjoy coordination like an accessory.

It is used not only as the main use, but also as a sub -bag with two bags.

The shoulder can be removed, so you can enjoy coordination in two ways, on hand, even if it is diagonal.

 Product Specifications

Size: 19 x 12.5 x 12.5 cm (width x vertical x gusset width)

・ Included shoulder: minimum 80cm to maximum 140cm

・ Exterior material: exterior cotton (denim), playback nylon (side part), nylon mesh, cowhide

・ Interior material: Nylon

・ Country of origin/ Japan

* Model wearing images are posted on nylon material. Please refer to it as a sense of size.

Color: BLACK

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