CREAT A New Normal / KK-262_ARM POUCH

¥4,158 ¥6,930

Bag is also an arm pouch for cashless sectors that do not possess wallets.

Storing a smartphone, it is designed to wear it on the wrist and arms. * Smartphone is the storage setting of iPhonex (H143.6 W70.9 D7.7mm).

The mounted part to the arm is a rubber material that extends and contracts, so smooth removal is possible.

The body uses an eco-material with 100% plastic bottle regeneration polyester. It is a beautiful lip stop because it is a beautiful look. The front motif is a reflector with reflector processing, and is active in various scenes as wallets installed when running, climbing, outdoors and luggage.


Size / H 17.5 W18 D 0 cm fastener length 14 cm

Material / plastic bottle recycled polyester 100% back: polyester mesh

Production Country / Japan

Weight / 50g


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