CREAT A New Normal / KK-262-P_ARM Pouch Python


* This Products do not ship internationally.

Bag is also an arm pouch for cashless sectors that do not possess wallets.

You can store your smartphone and wear it on your wrist and arms.

* Smartphone is the storage setting of iPhonex (H143.6 W70.9 D7.7mm).

The mounted part to the arm is a rubber material that extends and contracts, so smooth removal is possible.

The body uses an eco-material with 100% plastic bottle regeneration polyester. It is a beautiful lip stop because it is a beautiful look. The front motif is a reflector with reflector processing, and is active in various scenes as wallets installed when running, climbing, outdoors and luggage.


Size / H 17.5 W18 D 0 cm fastener length 14 cm

Material / surface: Snake leather back: polyester mesh

Production Country / Japan

Weight / 60g

color: BLACK

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