¥85,800 ¥143,000

【CAPANA × KK Pack-1 Collaboration Model】

A collaboration model with accessories brand "Capana" with the brand icon model Pack-1 and swarovski (Swarovski).

It was applied everywhereWarovski uses a jet hema (black color).

There is a relaxedness and calmness, and it is an elegant look.


It is an all-leather model with powerfulness everywhere. The contrast between the semi-lazer and the No. 10 size Zipper, the side of the shine brinkle is positively DENSITY MANIA design.

With the front, main and back three-layer structure, each house has a back pocket. The back pocket is equipped with a PC sleeve that can be stored at a PC up to 15inch and exert high potential.

The back is put in a four-layer core and reduces the backside, and prevents breakage of the bag. The shoulder uses a repulsive thick core. It is a specification with a sense of stableness and a sense of stability.


Size / H 52 W 35 D 22 cm

Material / exterior: Cowhide, PVC interior: Nylon, PVC

Production Country / Japan

Weight / about 1650 g


Color: BLACK

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