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This is a backpack with good storage capacity and A4 documents just fit !!

This is an all -leather backpack designed like an adult school bag, where A4 documents fit in just size.

A clear holder (vertical 31 x 22cm) that store PCs up to 13 inches and A4 documents in the zipper pocket on the back is designed to fit right.

I want to store what I need, but I want to keep my bag compact. It is a recommended product for those who say. Unlike other backpacksacks, the bottom is made horizontally, so the bentener pocket in the middle also has a beautiful lunch box.

The zipper pocket in the middle has a pocket that can be divided. Storage of tablets and pouches with PC chargers is convenient.

The zipper pocket on the front is a size that can store folding umbrellas and 500ml -sized drink bottles. With pockets that can be divided, it is easy to put in and out of frequently used items, such as smartphones and pass cases (business card holders).

It is a size that fits in the knee when you sit down by train. It is an item that pays attention to reducing the burden on others on the train.


The comfort of the back and consideration for the invisible part

The shoulder uses a 1cm thick cushion material. The structure is solid, and the shoulders are not loaded with a floating feeling. The back is a three -layer core that feels cushioning, reducing the back.

Designers are concerned not only in appearance, but also on invisible inside. The bag is an item for carrying things. A reinforced core is put in a place where the material is applied so that the material of the bag itself does not easily deteriorate even if the thing is inserted.


In search of the most minimal design

This item was demanded for a minimal design so that it can be used by a wide range of people. Cowhide is combined with a box -shaped and sharp silhouette.

The cowhide with a matte appearance is made of small embossing that is invisible. It is difficult to be noticeable even if it is scratched, and it is an advantage that even if it gets wet in the rain, it does not absorb moisture immediately from the embossed irregularities.

Matt leather feels luxury, suit style, mode, street, casual, and a wide range of clothes. "Fits a wide range of clothes" in this brand means "better to be a person".

Please bring out your personality with Anchor Back Pack, which is a minimal but casual personality.


 Product Specifications

Size: 24 x 34 x 11.5 cm (width x height x gusset)

・ Shoulder length: The shortest 73-116cm (length including bracket at the bottom of the base at the top of the bag)

・ Shoulder paste parts: 46 × 7 × 1 cm (length x width x thickness) * The length including the 50mm width buckle at the top is 54cm

・ Use a 1cm thick cushion material for the shoulder shoulder portion

・ The shoulder can be removed and can be used as a body bag (chest bag).

・ Exterior material: Cowhide, PVC (Thin part of the bottom gusset)

・ Interior: Nylon, PVC (Name parts)

・ PC sleeve: Storage up to 13 inches of personal computer in the zipper pocket on the back side

・ Country of origin: JAPAN (HS Code/ 4202.91.000)

・ Weight: 1140g

* Leather products are more heavy than fabric products, but are a good material for maintenance. The color of the color can be colored with the dye. If it gets wet in the rain, it is recommended to maintain it with a moisturizing cream. In fact, leather is a long -lasting material.

We also accept maintenance and repair (Here). Please feel free to contact us if you are worried about using leather products.

Color: BLACK

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